Responsible Gaming at Melbet

By betting and or playing at the casino on Melbet website you are playing for real money. You can both win and lose, so it’s important to take your game seriously. We at Melbet BD have always adhered to fair and responsible gaming rules and actively spread this policy among our users.

Users, for their part, should take their betting with real money with utmost responsibility. Here we want to warn you once again against possible risks associated with irresponsible betting or casino gambling.

Melbet Responsible Gaming Policy

Despite the fact that it is obvious that any issue related to real money is important, some users under the influence of excitement or emotion forget about it. Thus, problems with money and what is worse, a real addiction and loss of self-control can appear.

In order to avoid developing these problems, bettors need to remember a few basic things before they start playing for real money:

If you stick to these rules, you will definitely develop the right attitude towards betting and casinos.

How to Avoid Developing a Gaming Addiction

The main problem is mainly that the bettor cannot realize on his own that he has become addicted to betting with real money.

There are several basic signs of addiction:

If you realize that most of these apply to you, you should take a break right away.

Melbet Responsible Gaming Support

You can always contact our Melbet support team. Our experts will tell you the contacts of institutions that will help you deal with your gambling addiction.

Moreover, if you yourself realize that you have this problem, you can block your Melbet account at any time by yourself through your personal cabinet or the support service.