Privacy Policy

Every new user who creates a personal account at Melbet Bangladesh accepts our rules, including privacy policies. By already filling out the form you send us your personal data, then you agree to it, and only then your account will be created.

Even when you visit the website, your browser sends us cookies one way or another. By accepting the rules of our privacy policy, you consent to the storage and processing of your personal data. On this page we will tell you all about our privacy policy and what our obligations are in storing and processing your data.

All about Privacy Policy 2024

Personal information about a user is classified as any information that allows us to identify him or her. Thus, your email, phone number, first name and last name are personal information.

Such information is also provided by your browser, such as your operating system or IP address.

During the betting process on Melbet Bangladesh, we receive your e-wallet or bank account information, to which we can later withdraw your money. 

All this information is further stored on SSL encrypted internal servers of Melbet BD and only a small number of highly responsible employees can access this data.

Storage and processing of data

All the information we get about our users helps to develop our platform. We can collect it, analyze it and act as modern bettors and casino fans require.

Moreover, being a legal bookmaker, we have responsibilities in the field of compliance with legal acts.


Since 2012, Melbet has been operating legally around the world and in Bangladesh, learning and adjusting to local laws. Accepting bettors we have to make sure that they fit the law and are of legal age.


We are licensed internationally by Curacao Gaming License No. 5536. This license has its own rules, including privacy policies, and we comply with them. This license also confirms that we abide by the rules of fair play.

Improving Melbet products

Information about our users allows us to understand the likes and dislikes of our bettors and casino fans. Thus, by analyzing it we can provide each player with the best set of tools to play for real money, as well as develop really interesting bonuses and promotions.

Bookmaker’s rights and obligations

By collecting user data, Melbet undertakes to store it and be responsible for its security. We must use all tools to completely eliminate the risk of third parties obtaining personal data about our users.

Therefore,we must constantly improve information security as well as monitor potential data leakage risks, if any.

All our employees who have access to personal user information are responsible for its distribution.

Information about our users may only be forwarded to law enforcement authorities in Bangladesh if a formal request has been received from them.

Information collected about users may be used for advertising purposes, developing new marketing strategies and preparing analytical reports on player preferences.

This information is also used to comply with the legal laws of the region as well as the international license of Curacao Gaming.

Every Melbet user has the right to refuse to provide his personal data at any time by sending a request to the technical department using the email [email protected].